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Mission Stuff   --  It's an incredibly SMALL world

When I was growing up missionaries were selfless and dedicated people who moved to far away countries to convert the heathens to Christianity and we never saw them except maybe once every ten years when they would show up for a week to tell us all about how the heathens were now good Christians. 

It's not like that at all nowadays. For one thing, those missionaries did such a good job the heathens are actually better Christians than I am.  For another, you can easily hop on a plane and go for a week and come home.

Mission now means nurturing the connection that binds us all as Christians.

Mission is reaching out and touching people as far away as across the globe or as near as down the street.  It is helping Christian brothers and sisters with dreams as big as feeding malnourished children or as small as raking leaves. It's sharing the workload and the songs. It's seeing Christ in the eyes of the homeless or the sick. It is sharing the work of Christ wherever you find yourself.
One of the most impressive things we saw in Guatemala was a water treatment facility installed by Living Waters for the World.  
Try this:

And always remember there are mission opportunities galore right where you live.  Look up your local food bank or community health clinic.  Go rake leaves for the lady next door.  Tip generously.  Smile at the check-out stand. Mission does not have to be heroic or hard.

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